How to Use Kaizen Events to Optimize Manufacturingkaizen_thumbnail.png

At Manor, we are constantly striving to optimize our business process, and Kaizen Events have been an invaluable tool in that endeavor.  A regularly scheduled gathering of employees from all areas of a firm, Kaizen Events are designed to focus that collective experience on any number of individual challenges. In an effort to share our success and the Kaizen philosophy, we've created this eBook. 
How to Use Kaizen Events to Optimize Manufacturing is an in-depth guide to the history and application of Kaizen Events, along with specific examples. The guide contains:
  • How Manor Implements Kaizen Events 
  • Success Stories & Barriers to Implementing Kaizen Events
  • How to Create an Effective Kaizen Event

We hope Kaizen Events will prove as useful for streamlining your business as they did for us. Please fill out the form on the right to download the free guide!