Reshoring in Manufacturing: What It Is, Why It Works & How You Can Benefit

Companies like Ford, General Electric, and Apple are heavily investing in reshoring — the trend of bringing manufacturing jobs from overseas back to the United

Reshoring delivers multiple benefits to both your company and the economy. Manor Tool's latest eBook, Top Reasons for Reshoring in Manufacturing, takes an in-depth look at the latest advances in reshoring and the specific advantages it provides. 

In this eBook, you'll learn that:

  • 54% of U.S.-based companies with more than $1 million in sales are planning to — or are actively — bringing back production from China to the U.S.
  • Natural gas is 3x more expensive in France, China and Germany than the U.S. — and prices are expected to remain that way for several decades.
  • Thanks to reshoring and foreign direct investment, there are now more jobs coming back to the U.S. each year than are being lost to offshoring.

The guide also shares information about Total Cost of Ownership calculations so you can weigh the costs of overshoring against the benefits of reshoring in terms of quality, opportunity costs and branding. 

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